Why Choose Us


We do not leave you without a smile, our principal is easy: The Success of your business through the use of services is our success. TIME AND ENERGY WE PUT INTO EACH PROJECT!


We believe a good relationship is a building block for the success of every business. Imagine not being attended to when you need help the most? at Spark Tech, all our systems are automated with two-way notification support systems in order for us to provide the most convenient and immediate support in times when you need us most.


We value our principal, for every project, we do thorough research and analysis about your industry, competitors and understand your business as a whole in order for us to build a product worthwhile for your business.


For everything we do, there's always that something which keeps our clients to want to do business with us. We always give you something which gets you to say ' WOW, THANK YOU!'

We don’t do yoga at sunset, we don’t quote our founders or enter random award ceremonies. We don’t write white papers for recognition from “peers”. We don’t do drinks on Fridays, or forced team building socials. We don’t get paid to attend ‘networking’ sessions and pointless seminars.

Looking for flash mobs, Instawalks and ‘going viral’? Then we’re not the kind of a business you should partner up with. You probably won’t find us on Google and if you do, you won’t find a favorite quote forced from each of our employees or fabricated client testimonials with lots of awesome adjectives.

Because we’re not like everybody else. We do real work, for real people, with real results. We are creatives. We are designers. We are strategists. Analysts. Developers. We are sparkTech, and we love big ideas.

What We Do

Web solutions

Your business can do better by reaching out to the hearts of thousands searching for your product or service. We design and develop websites, E-commerce stores, and web applications and yes we cater for security, Search Engine Optimization and speed. speed? yes, this is another ranking factor by Google.

IT support and automation

We provide technical support for businesses so you can focus on the core side of your business. Automation, yes we automate time consuming and boring tasks for you to improve productivity.

Graphics design

What is a business without branding? as the saying, goes pictures speak greater than words. We design business profiles, logos, business cards, motion graphics, infographics, letterheads, banners, flyers, and print.